For the first time this year, we’re preparing a play for you in the IV. Barrier-free Tourism Day! People with disabilities and able bodied are performing their own piece on quarantine-time. The team is very motivated, they rehearse weekly at the Malom és Műhelyház Cserkúton, so it’s sure something very exciting will come out of it. The director of the play and member of the organising committee Zsuzsa Szabó, puts it this way about the current workflow:

“Rehearsals have begun. Everyone’s making their debut here: the author, who just wanted to write off her fears and anxieties, the team who have never played together, and our trial spot, as saturday’s test will be replaced by the world’s planks. We’re about to do a sensitizing performance, but so is the process itself. It’s good to see, during the break of rehearsal, that Hajni guides the blind Marcell around the court, showing everything meticulously. Two of them come here in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy with bus drivers, but that’s the goal, to get people in that direction. We are surrounded by good helpers, here in the village there is a couple who help us a lot by escorting our electric wheelchair users up and down the narrow forest road. Roland is not in the play, but he is happy to come and draw attention to himself with his ideas and good insights. As a director, I can see the structure, the accents of our play, and the stage toolkit that we will be able to use most effectively.”

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