These programmes provide experiences primarily for people with disabilities, that they do not at all otherwise or difficult to experience. You’ll get all the help you need here!den segítséget megkapsz!

kite boating – kayaking pier in front of sports camp
fishing – island
motoring – Sports camp
riding – island
Race Running/ bike race – Sports camp – new!
driving – dam grass track
sailing – sailing pier
speedboating – sailing boat
model sailing – sailing pier – new!

These programmes show sports that can be played as disabled. You can try it as an able-bodied and disabled person and join the sport-associations!

spirit of football – Sports camp – new!
boccia – sports camp gym
swinging bowling – sports camp
speed wheelchair race – sports camp
rattleball – sports camp gym
Irish Bowling – Sports Camp
rolling basket/basketball – sports camp gym
self-defense – sports camp
yoga – sports camp and Medvehagyma Ház

Because it’s a festival for everyone!

health stand – sports camp
concerts – sports camp
sensitization games – island/Medvehagyma Ház/Sports camp
carousel for kids – island
roller slide for kids – island
tastings – island
matchmaking game – island – new!
petting zoo – island
inclusive play – Medvehagyma Ház – new!
guide dog presentation – sports camp
children’s performances – island
cinema – Medvehagyma Ház – new!
“live library” – sports camp – new!
campfire – island – new!
“Eco-shooting” second hand action, bring-and-take – Medvehagyma Ház/sports camp/island – new!
tree planting – by Medvehagyma Ház – new!
massage – Medvehagyma Ház – new!
joint baking-cooking – island – new!

emberek a sátor előtt
emberek a sátor előtt
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