For the fifth time this year we were able to organize the Barrier-free Tourism Day, such a cohesive force in the country, which one of our visitors aptly said “something happened that took this year’s Barrier-free Tourism Day to a different level from previous years”.

This “something” has been experienced by hundreds of people this year, 2021, and you have come from all over the country specifically for this reason. We, the organizers, would like to thank so many things and so many others that we can give and receive from you.

Thank you to the visitors for coming to try themselves in as many programs as possible and to have a good time! We would like to thank people with disabilities for trying experiences they wouldn’t normally be able to do, and we hope they have gathered life-long experiences. Thank you to the able bodied visitors for having a festival while getting to know people with disabilities. We thank the children, the families for laughing, applauding, screaming, and in the meantime they have learned undetected what acceptance and inclusion are. That we’re all together a unit!

For the fifth year volunteers have given their hearts and souls to this festival. And understand this literally, because many of them travel for hours at their own expense at dawn from afar, whether from Baja or Kecskemét, and arrive late at night to be here. By now there is a permanent team, a “seed”, we know and love each other, and together we’re thrilled to be able to bring in more volunteers in this great team. We are talking about a professional team who receive professional preparation every year from the organizers.

We would also like to thank those who offer experiences and programs for creating a life-long, never forgettable, indelible experience for so many people. Again! Because most of them have been with us for years and offer their selfless help for free.

Next year with you here again, on the first Saturday in September!

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