With this map we will show you not only the locations and individual events, but also which locations will be quiet, which ones will be loud. In which locations you will find grassy, gravelly terrain that is more difficult to roll with a wheelchair, and where it will be easy to get around. You can find parking lots, accessible toilets, an information venue, a baby corner, everything on our Sound and Foot Map.
Meaning of icons in English:
gát – dam
könnyű terep – easy terrain
füves, kavicsos terep – grassy, gravelly terrain
parkoló – parking
akadálymentes mosdó – accessible wc
sárkányhajó – dragon boat
csendes helyszín – quiet location
zajos helyszín – noisy location
infopont – infopoint
autóvezetés – driving
vitorlázás – sailing
babkuckó – baby corner
kajakos stég és büfé – kayaking pier and buffet
sporttábor – sports camp
polgármesteri hivatal – mayor’s office
Medvehagyma Ház – Medvehagyma Ház
minigolfpálya – minigolf
piac – market
vitorlás klub – sailing club

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