📌Almádi Evelin – she gives volunteers a sensitizing workout at a personal briefing on the morning of the festival,. She is very keen on topic blind-guide dogs — maybe because she wants one?

📌Berkes Gergő – organizes (and then, if necessary, a day before the festival completely reorganizes) sports programs, he is one of the festival’s cheerful presenters, creates the program poster and the Sound and Foot Map, while as a member of the national team wins a boccia gold medal.

📌Füziné Kajdy Zita – as mayor of Orfű she calls, asks, takes care of everything locally, up to 2 minutes. She organizes the Charity Buffet, makes sandwiches, picks up the trash wherever she sees it, and then kindly-directly opens the event. She is gratifyingly proud of the festival.

📌Gonda Tibor – our founder, who invented and created the event 6 years ago, and has been the engine of cultural programs ever since. On behalf of Natúra Pension the free lunch is always thanks to him and the team of the pension, and this year he also solved the accessibility of the island. In general, he solves everything very calmly and also finds money sometimes for the festival.

📌Murányi Zoltán – he provides the Medvehagyma Ház with all its technical, personnel, kindness equipment. He organizes the technique, builds and demolish the festival equipment, unpacks, packs. If necessary organize some cultural programs, this year he organized the accessibility of the parking lot of the sports camp. Now he was also slicing the pig meat for you.

📌Pataki Veronika – she coordinates. And coordinates. And even coordinates. The organizing committee, the experience programs, the preparation, contact and work of the volunteers. Everything runs to her, you write to her at the email address, on Facebook, you call her. She handles the marketing, posts on Facebook, on the website, she speaks to the press. She is already preparing the festival from April, and then she is also doing the post-production. She applies, wins or doesn’t win, drives poor others to be even better, even more… and let’s finally get money for the festival somehow. Her role is desperation at times.

📌Posta Róbert – his driving school has been providing driving for blind people for years. This year he said he would like to help with the organization and we were very happy about it. It’s thanks to him that volunteers got cool caps this year so you can recognize them and ask them questions. We said that it would be nice to have a cap, he arranged it without a word, paid for it out of his own pocket. He is our quiet, busy helper.

📌Szabó Zsuzsa – she puts together, directs, and coordinates inclusive plays. People with disabilities and the able bodied play together. There’s always something creative, always something new and exciting, never in an everyday way, usually as the closing act of the festival.

📌Tóth Attila – he made our professional website and the technical stuff in general. He joined the work of the organizing committee this year. At the current festival he did everything, whether broken pipe, transporting the participants, but he took photos where he went, and where he went there he solved everything. We need his peace of mind and willingness to do something.

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