📍The VII. Barrier-free Tourism Day Festival will be held on September 2, between 10.00 and 16.00

📍VENUE: Orfu, Lake Pécs. The main locations are the Island and the Medvehagyma House.
Motorcyclists start from the parking lot of the Sports Camp. Driving up at the dam. Sailing opposite the sailing pier. Dragon boating from the kayaking pier.

📍Infopont tent between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm at the entrance of the festival from the bus stop towards the Medvehagyma House.

sailing and motorboating (opposite from the sailing pier), fishing (lakeside), motorcycling (Sports camp parking lot), car driving (above the dam in the grassy area), horseback riding (island), horse-drawn carriage ride (island or Sports Camp parking lot), dragon boating (from kayaking pier)

📍A taste of the CULTURAL PROGRAMS:
morning: Hangoló Zenés Gyermekszínház (Musical Children’s Theatre), Bolhazsák Gyerekzenekar (Children’s Band), Sound Bath in Medvehagyma House, Interactive Session of Ornithological Association, Interactive Activity of Orfu Speleological Association

for lunch: Junge Spatzen-Cheerful Swabian youth, András Dávid Kiss: World Music Gasztojam, M6 Country Band, Forest Tasting: workshop and wild plant tasting with Bio Bia

afternoon: Grimask Theatre: Go on an adventure! (humorous, musical program), MárkusZínház: László Vitéz puppet theatre

all day: Blind balloon maker Norbi Lakatos, Zsuzsa Polgar’s play tent (gingerbread decoration, creative stitching, folk play mat for the youngest), roller slide for children

Love buffet between 10.00-16.00,
11.00-14.00 Forest tasting: workshop and wild plant tasting with Bio Bia,
12.00-13.00 Lunch with bean goulash, roasted piglet, fish soup, pasta with mushrooms and vegetables, gypsy lecho and punya

barrier-free toilets: Medvehagyma house, Cultur Market, Village House
non-barrier-free toilets: Medvehagyma house, Cultur Market, Village House, Sports camp, Water sports center, Sailing yard

the larger parking lot next to the Minigolf Center, from there the venue can be reached without obstacles on the promenade. In front of the Cultur Market, the doctor’s office and the Sports Hall are a few places. We also recommend the huge parking lot of the former beach, from there the site can also be reached barrier-free in 5 minutes on the promenade, and there is plenty of parking space.

📍APPLY TO VOLUNTEER HERE: akadalymentes.turizmus.nap@gmail.com
Information for volunteers: https://akadalymentesnap.hu/csatlakozz/

Orfűi Önkormányzat, Orfű
Gyeregyalog.hu Egyesület,
People First Közhasznú Egyesület – Pécs, People First – HU
Sárkányfészek Alapítvány,
Orfűi Turisztikai Egyesület


👉Basic information about the event on the website: https://akadalymentesnap.hu/
👉Follow us on Facebook for daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/turizmus.akadalymentes

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