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We welcome volunteers for the whole event to help and support with the organizing team or to provide any kind of program or activity for the participants.


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Since 2017, the Day of Barrier-free Tourism has been held on the 1st weekend of September in Orfű, every year. The aim of this fun festival is to provide disabled people with experiences that they otherwise are unable to experience. At our events everybody can have a good time, doesn’t matter if they are adults, children or they are able bodied or disabled people.

We would like to show that disabled people are same people, and they can have fun just like anyone else. Our main goal is to show that we can help each other and help feel good – i.e. social sensitization and acceptance is also is also an important goal to us.

Based on the success of previous events, this day has expanded not only nationally but internationally from 2019, bringing a new color, new programs and a new venue to the day with the involvement of the Sports Camp. 

This event usually has other programs you can also participate in these, such as: professional day or a conference and a barrier-free tour. 

On a Barrier-Free Tourism Day, we provide free lunch for disabled people and for their helpers, as well as to our volunteers.

Volunteers are welcome every year, especially for the main attraction, the Day of Barrier-free Tourism! 

The tasks are: participation in the administrative activities of the event (signing attendance sheets, receiving and directing participants, working at the informational desk), helping with lunch distribution, helping with adventure programs, for the strong-armed male volunteers helping people with disabilities to participate in programs (put in a boat, to help you get on a horse, to help you get into a car, motorbike, horse-drawn carriage),  car park management, interpretation (English, German, Croatian), transport with a car to the dam and sailing pier.

The venue of the event: the island next to Lake Pécs and the Medvehagyma House are the main venues and we got the whole area of the Sports Camp as well. So the sport programs, the stage and the lunch will be held there. The goal is for participants to occur at each ot these three locations and to have fun. Only sailing and visually impaired driving will be taken to another location: at the sailing pier on the other side of the lake and the driving is at the dam in the grassy area.

We recommend the event to those who want to complete the high school community service (this is mandatory for high school students in Hungary). Being a weekend event, we can prove 5 hours a day, and being a multi-day event, it is possible to certify several hours.

The event is all day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We provide continuous information in Email to the volunteers who apply, and provide a training with the involvement of people with disabilities.

Take a look around the Gallery menu to see how much fun we’re having on Barrier Tourism Days!

The main organizers of the event: – Public Benefit Association, 

People First Association – Pécs, 

Orfű Tourism Association.

We constantly provide news about the programs and curiosities throughout the year on our Facebook page, in English too. Make sure to follow us! and questions are welcome at Please enter your name, email address and telephone number. 

We are happy if you indicate in advance what are you good at, we will try to assign you there.

According to the EU Data Protection Regulation, we collect minimum data in accordance with legal requirements. This data will only be stored in the Barrier-free Tourism Day event database, used only for contact with Barrier-free Tourism Day volunteers and will not be issued to third parties.

Our supporters and volunteers

Thank you all for helping to deliver unforgettable memories!

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Experiences of our volunteers so far

I attended the event for the first time last year. I was very afraid that this would be an event where the ‘other’ people were only ‘organic-decor’, but take advantage of great opportunities. Before that, there was a field assessment tour with the People First team, and here I was convinced that it wouldn’t be like that at all. This is finally the kind of event I’ve wanted for a long time: it’s just all kinds of people enjoying each other’s company and programs together. If there’s an obstacle, we’ll work it out together.

What  does this event give me? It always recharges me. I enjoy helping, not only here, not only this way. It is nice to see the joy people living with disabilities and their families feel during this event, for instance when they return after a motorbike ride or from some other venue of the festival. People here, generally, do not have the chance to try the activities that are available here, or they might but do not believe they would be able to take part, however here with our help and encouragement, they can participate. Being able to help this way is a big deal. The fact  that able-bodied and disabled people have the chance to get closer on a day like this is very important. Helping each other in a meaningful way; asking questions rather than making assumptions; having the courage to ask and help; and not considering the other as weird simply because they are different are all important aspects of the event.

I love being a part of such a supportive community and enjoy seeing the old faces among the participants.

Last year was the first time I got an insight into what barrier-free tourism really is. I volunteered to help out the rattle ball players and I hope I did a good job. I had never had any contact with sightless people previously and was very cautious approaching them. I was worried I might react inappropriately to something.

I was surprised to find how good the players were with the rattle ball. Their sense of hearing is incredibly sharp; as soon as the ball moves they become alert. We watched very exciting games, and at the end, we joined in one. This year, I would like to help the team again and get to know them better.

Meeting up in person before the event is a great idea, we can get to know each other better and come up with lots of great ideas. 

It was last year that I first took part in the event. As nobody in my family belongs to the target group of the Barrier-Free Tourism Day, I seldom have to opportunity to meet people with disabilities. So most importantly, this event offers me the chance to meet and talk to them. In addition, I meet them in a situation where I can also be of some help, while they are trying out exciting activities. As I see it, this event is unique, offering activities that are not easily available for people living with  disabilities because of the special infrastructure required.

I think, sensitizing and helping each other is an area where we can always improve, and so I keep working on myself. Participating in this event, I can do it in the company of fantastic people. As I am a trainee teacher, it is important for me to gain insight into this area of life, so I can pass on a good attitude to my students in the future. Last year’s information points were great from this aspect.

Besides volunteering, the various activities gave me an opportunity to relax as well

Last year, I attended the Barrier-free Tourism Day for the first time. Throughout the day, participants were able to try plenty of exciting activities,  exploring the theme of accessible tourism in depth. In addition to professional meetings, the event also offered a wide range of artistic recreational activities, which was really impressive. I also loved the fact that both disabled, and able-bodied people had the opportunity to participate.

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